COMPLETE CANINES - Complete Training Solutions For Your Canine Companion

Our Methods

At Complete Canines, our goal is to provide quality training that enhances the relationship between dog and owner, while addressing the behaviors in the dog that are undesirable.  We understand that every dog and owner is unique and that no single training method will work in every situation.  Complete Canines will ensure a custom tailored program to meet the needs of each individual.  Our methodology follows LIMA - Least Intrusive and Minimally Aversive.  We are experienced and familiar with the many training methods available and can explain why some of them work well, while others may be downright dangerous. 

Our training goes beyond teaching basic commands.  We assess the whole environment of the dog - including its training, nutrition, health, physical and mental stimulation, and social structure to insure they feel COMPLETE!

Our mission is to help the dog owner understand how to communicate with their canine companion and establish a trusting bond with them.  Training should be enjoyable and not tedious.  Let Complete Canines show you how!
Mike, owner of Complete Canines LLC and Victoria Stilwell from
"It's Me Or The Dog" featured on Animal Planet
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