aggressive dogDo you own a dog that has shown aggression to people, other dogs, or other animals? We understand this can be a stressful and often difficult situation. However, we can work with you and your dog to find a successful resolution, regardless of the severity of your dog’s aggression.

It is important to know that anyone can call themselves a dog trainer, “behaviorist”, or even “whisperer.” There is no licensing requirement for a person to work with your dog anywhere in the United States. This means someone who has read a couple of books and trained their own dog can sell themselves as a qualified professional to work with dog aggression. This is crucial to consider when hiring a dog behavior professional as there are many factors to consider, including liability, safety for the public, and sometimes the ultimate fate of your dog.

You can rest assured that Michael Shikashio is one of only a handful of dog behavior consultants in the entire state of CT with the requisite experience, knowledge, and certification to successfully and safely work with dog aggression cases. His background includes handling thousands of aggressive dogs at all levels, mentoring other trainers on how to modify aggressive behavior, lecturing at seminars, conferences, and universities around the world, and being sought after for his expertise by many different media outlets on a wide range of topics involving dog aggression.

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