There are many variables when determining how many sessions it may require to help you and your dog. Some of those variables include your overall goals; the severity of the behavior(s); the “type” of aggression your dog is displaying; your dog’s behavior history; how much time and resources you can commit; how your dog responds to the behavior modification; and addressing any underlying medical issues that might exist that are contributing to the behavior.
On average, we work anywhere from one to four sessions with clients, with some cases requiring more extensive training and behavior modification.

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Your dog will never be exposed to, or subjected to, harsh or inhumane training techniques. Mike’s foundation for training and behavior modification techniques is based on positive reinforcement and the most humane handling approaches.

Mike will gather background information about the behavior problems, personally assess your dog, determine a plan on how to fix the problems, and show you how to put that plan into place.

Mike is an internationally recognized expert in working with dog aggression cases. Thousands of dog trainers, veterinarians, and other dog professionals from over 20 countries have sought out his courses, seminars, and speaking engagements.

He has successfully worked with dogs and clients for over 15 years in aggression cases and has the valuable experience and education you and your dog deserve.

Michael has passed the rigorous certification process of the IAABC and now oversees the applications of other consultants applying for the same certification. He is one of only four other Certified Dog Behavior Consultants in the entire state of CT and one of only 200 in the entire world.

With over fifteen years of hands-on experience dealing with dogs with the most severe behavior problems, you can rest assured that Mike has a proven track record of success as he is referred to by animal professionals from all over the world.