Mike specializes in dog aggression cases and is the only trainer in CT and RI that focuses exclusively on working with aggressive dogs. He has a proven track record in helping dog owners find a resolution in even the most challenging cases.

Aggressive Dog Behavior

Biting? Nipping? Growling? Lunging and barking at other dogs or people?

I can help you!

We start with a two hour session at your home where I will gather more history about your dog, determine what is causing the behaviors, and show you how to change those behaviors.

A follow-up session of one hour may be scheduled about a week or two after the initial consultation to assess progress and fine tune the training.

Additional follow-up sessions of one hour may be necessary, dependent on your goals and the severity of the behavior problem.

My approach is always compassionate and non-judgmental in helping you find a solution to the behavior problems.

Fee: $145 per hour which includes CT sales tax, travel to and from locations within 40 miles of Mystic, CT, and email and phone support after your initial consultation.

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* A 10% Military discount is offered on all services

* Training equipment necessary for your program can be provided at wholesale cost.

* The trainers of Complete Canines are fully insured as well as certified in Pet CPR and First Aid through the American Red Cross.