Separation Anxiety is a syndrome, or a group of signs, that a dog displays due to a panic crisis triggered by the phobia of being left alone.

Therefore, those signs are just a manifestation of the dog’s underlying panic of the situation, and completely out of his control at that moment. That’s why focusing on solving only the signs won’t treat the problem and only a protocol which concentrates on fixing the anxiety that the dog feels when he is alone will be successful over time.

Are there any common signs? 

There are a great variety of signs that dogs suffering from Separation Anxiety can display when alone. Even when the most common signs can be recurrently barking, chewing on specific objects, and eliminating, there are many more signs that can be seen, and dogs can show some or all of them at the same time, depending on the case. The common denominator though is that these signs will only be displayed when dogs are alone.

What about Separation Anxiety Remote Training?

To be successful when dealing with this disorder, there is no need for the trainer to visit the dog and family in their home. Assessing the dog’s problem and then putting into practice the behavior modification program would be affected by the presence of the specialist, who would alter the dog’s real environment and routine, preventing an organic view of the situation, and becoming a disadvantage for the program’s progress.

On the contrary, remote training will permit a proactive approach to the problem, observing the dog in real time and customizing the plan daily, according to each dog’s needs, difficulties, and progress, limiting the chance of failure.

It will allow you to work from the comfort of your home and in your own time, while gaining access to a specialist’s daily support.

Technology? What do I need?

The word technology may scare some people, but this approach benefits from very simple technology. You will just need a computer or mobile device (ex: iPad, Android Tablet), a smartphone, and have access to the internet, and we will be ready to start helping your dog.

We can help! 

Separation Anxiety is a hard and frustrating condition, both for dogs and their families. Moira Hechenleitner is a DVM with more than 10 years of experience working in behavior, and one of the fewer than 70 CSATs (Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer) around the world. You can now feel safe in Moira’s hands, because she will guide you, and support you in each step of this process. Her bilingual skills allow her to also offer help both in Spanish and English.

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