“After all the failure and frustration, a day came when we finally saw the light at the end of the tunnel! What did we really need? Guidance and daily support. This is when Moira came in [special effects: ‘A miracle just happened’]. I didn’t know where to start, it seemed too much to handle, but she made me see that we just needed to start with one step at a time, little by little, and that doing so we were going to eventually accomplish our goals. And oh boy, how much we have accomplished!”

– Silvana and Sebastián – Santiago, Chile

“My wife and I had worked with two other trainers. While they meant well, they could not produce the same results Mike did with our aggressive German Shepherd. We were at our last straw with our dog’s behavior.
Mike was able to show us that our dog is capable of behaving politely around people and not try to attack them. All of this without yelling or using any harsh techniques! We highly recommend his services to anyone with an aggressive dog!”

– Peter and Jen S. – Clinton, CT

“Complete Canines truly saved our dog’s life. She was acting aggressively towards our visitors and had bitten two of our friends. We were heartbroken at the thought of what we might have to do if she continued with her behavior. Mike showed us how to safely manage her and change the way she reacted towards our visitors. If it wasn’t for his help, we truly would not have known what to do. We most heartily recommend Complete Canines for anyone looking for someone who is successful in working with aggressive dogs!”

– Janet, Tom, and Katie – Madison, CT

“I called Complete Canines because of how our lab mix being aggressive towards other dogs. I am truly pleased in the change I have seen in my dog Spencer. He would act like Cujo towards other dogs when out and about. With Mike’s non-judgmental and caring support, I was able to make a complete change in Spencer’s reaction towards other dogs. Mike really understands how dog’s “speak” and how to translate their language to something us humans can understand!”

– Stacy and Spencer – Mystic, CT

“I own two Puggles, a 3yr old female and a 1yr old male. Before Mike Shikashio’s training classes I really thought I had control of my dogs – boy was I wrong. From the moment Mike started the first session, I learned what control really is and it is not difficult to gain. After the first day both dogs would sit on command and as the weeks went by all the problems I was having with my dogs went away. They no longer jump on people, they no longer bark at everything that walks or drives by, and they no longer chew my sofa. Not only did Mike train my dogs, I learned a lot about my dogs – plus its fun for the whole family. We have a 5 yr old girl who took an active role in helping train the dogs. I would like to thank Mike personally and highly recommend Mike to anyone looking to have their dog trained.”

– Jason DiCarlo – Westerly, RI

“We have noticed a huge change in our dogs since Mike has helped us with our training. With Mike’s tips and techniques we have been able to master basic commands such as sit, down, and stay with our 80lb Lab and 10lb Yorkie. We have also been able to tackle bigger issues like potty training, jumping, and now our guests are able to enter our home without being attacked. Also our dogs have developed positive social behavior with Mike’s help. Mike has taught us that along with simple commands and calm, soothing energy, our dogs are attentive and eager to please. Mike brings his own calm energy into each training session and is clearly a master at fixing unwanted dog behavior. Before his help, we were considering finding another home for our Chocolate Lab Bella, but using his commands, advice, and calmness, we have become a happy family of four.”

– Lisa and Kris R. – Proud Parents of Bella and Big Papi